They sell the house where beauty queen Csilla Molnár committed suicide

The owner sells the house in Fonyód, known as the Molnár villa, Blikk wrote. This is the house where the 17-year-old beauty queen committed suicide in 1986.

The building was one of the most upscale places on the shores of Lake Balaton in the 80’s, the color of the art world turned here, the owner István Molnár and his family lived upstairs the paper wrote.

Csilla Molnár committed suicide in 1986. Blikk was in the house, the paper writes, with only a worn-out mirror, a reading lamp without a burner, and a room overlooking the garden reminiscent of the tragedy nearly 35 years ago.

The villa is now sold by its current owner, Sándor Parrag, who bought the abandoned property, which had been vacant for years, 12 years ago.

Csilla Molnár’s parents sold the villa almost immediately after the tragedy. He had a tenant, but the building was destroyed, utilities were also moored.

I live with my family in Mátra, but we often come down to relax in this holiday home. We renovated it, converted it into a six-room boarding house, you can no longer see a trace of the restaurant, we only use the lower level. Now it’s time to get rid of it for our old age, we proclaimed the house Said the current owner.

The winner of the 1985 Beauty of Hungary competition is Csilla Molnár, behind her the ladies of the court, on the left Veronika Füstös, on the right Judit KruppaSource: Fortepan / Gábor Viktor

Csilla’s parents were never able to process the death of their beloved daughter, the owner said. Shortly afterwards they divorced, their son also went astray, he went to jail. All we knew about my father was that he moved to the Mátra in the last years of his life and died two years ago.

said Sándor Parrag.

Csilla Molnár from Fonyód was the winner of the 1985 Miss Hungary beauty contest. The high school girl also finished 3rd in the lead in Europe after the domestic competition. He would have continued his studies as a private student, but his life was complicated by a number of rumors, a whole series of private and family conflicts, and he considered his problems unsolvable. On July 10, 1986, he wrote a pair of farewell letters at his parents ’house, then took a large dose of medication, and the ambulances who arrived were no longer able to save his life.

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