They shot the civilian in the head with the bike. Ukraine wants to try a 21-year-old Russian soldier for murder

It will be the first trial with a Russian soldier in Ukraine. He faces ten to 15 years in prison or life for violating the laws and rules of the war, the Belarusian server Nasa Niva wrote.

According to the Prosecutor General, the investigation found that after the destruction of the Russian column by Ukrainian soldiers on February 28, the accused fled along with four other species from the unit. First, they fired assault rifles at a private car, which they seized. They stole the village of Čupachivka in the Sumy region in a stolen car, which they had used to tire. Along the way, they saw an unarmed villager walking along the road, riding a bicycle, and talking on a cell phone as he walked.

One of the soldiers ordered the accused to kill a civilian so as not to report the presence of Russian soldiers. The accused then fired a Kalashnikov assault rifle from a car window several times and hit a 62-year-old civilian in the head. The man died on the spot, just a few dozen meters from his house.