They spent 221 million euros on 6 transfers and they all left for free

Let’s define the word “ruin”. According to the RAE, this term is defined as “large loss of property or fortune”. Some of its synonyms are bankruptcy, bankruptcy, decline, depression, sinking or insolvency; but for soccer jargon it could well be said that the synonym of ruin is pronounced Arsenal.

Much is said about the economic misery that FC Barcelona is going through (its debt net rises to 682.7 million) or we can go back in time and remember when in 2002, Fiorentina declared bankruptcy. However, little is said about the deficit generated by the directors of the Arsenal FC.

For example, in 2018, the Arsenal acquired for 65 million euros from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and in the winter transfer market, I went to FC Barcelona at zero cost. Another great as it was Mesut Ozil he was worth 47 million euros to the board and also left the club without leaving a single euro in the coffers in terms of sales.

Shkodran Mustafi He was also involved in these bad deals, he came to the club for 41 million and went free to the Southchalke 04. Henrikh Mkhitaryan cost 34 million euros and left the Gunners without income. Calum Chambers 20 million and Sokratis Papastathopoulos,16 million, complete this list that reflects the club’s mismanagement or relationship with sports agents.

Some of the reasons to explain this phenomenon is that the club is owned by the company KROENKE SPORTS HOLDINGS which generates more than 500 million dollars a year. However, the issue of the “financial fair play” whose maxim is “do not spend more than you earn in pursuit of success.”

Despite this poor balance, the Arsenal It is the club that spent the most on transfers in the summer market (Half of 2021) with €165.6 million distributed in the following players: Ben White (Brighton) – 58.5m, Martin Odegaard (Real Madrid) – 35m, Aaron Ramsdale (Sheffield United) – 28m, Takehiro Tomiyasu (Bologna) – 18.6m, Albert Sambi Lokonga (Anderlecht) – 17 .5m and Nuno Tavares (Benfica) – 8m.

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A great conclusion that we can draw is that the European transfer market is setting a new trend. If the transfer of Neymar for 222 million euros, was the trigger for an inflationary trend; now the economic recession generated by the Covid-19, the clubs are betting on transfers at zero cost. Big names like Sergio Ramos, Lionel Messi or David Alaba have made transfers under this line.

With the possible arrival of Kylian Mbapp al Real Madrid under this questionable method, a wave of price deflation can be unleashed in the player market, however, this can be mitigated with the stratospheric figures that will be paid for the signing of players. Erling Haaland. The only constant is change and it seems that the European transfer market points to a “great rudder stroke” where the clubs will be willing to readjust their prices downwards in order not to lose players for transfers at zero cost.

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