They stole the name of the legend, burned Tesla’s pond. Elon grits her teeth

Collecting the legend’s name built for decades is quite a risky business. It can mean success, but it can also be a fiasco. In this case, we wonder what will happen.

Let’s say it right at the beginning, let’s have the worst behind us. No, this will never be a Mustang. At least as we’ve known him so far. No and no and no, even if the author of this article grows four feet beautifully, hooves and a black mane and began to roam the American prairiesas the original owner of this noble name did. This is simply marketing. Overall, I wonder what “additives” Ford marketers are adding to their coffee. It will be nothing weak.

Sacrilege of the sacred name

Because taking such a famous name, evoking independence, freedom and movement (exactly in the spirits of American mustangs and Mustangs) and sticking it “on the butt” of an electric SUV means resigning to everything I’ve ever thought about Ford and he knew, or at least I thought I knew. And I think Ford also found those who started cruising as soon as they heard the idea. And I dare to guess the answer of the individuals in question from the marketing department: “And what are we supposed to do?”

iPhoto source: Ford

Exactly what to do. Are they supposed to look at Tesla, which, not only for reasons incomprehensible to me, fights the competition so perfectly, and at the same time doesn’t make a really, really hard head out of the names of its models? I’m guessing that they are invented at Tesla by a doorman in the race canteen. They are so very sophisticated. So if they can at least fight Ford against Tesla and lure a resounding name, what will they do? Will they choose Escort? Or Taunus? Fiesta, Focus or Mondeo? No, they will choose a Mustang.

Mustang from the electrical appliance store

Of course. What about the fact that this name fits on an electric SUV, much like Ferrari fits on a family station wagon. But as the saying goes, purpose sanctifies means. Plus, the car isn’t that bad. Ford Mustang Mach-Eas its whole name sounds, it has power in the variant with rear-wheel drive (and larger battery = greater range) 294 hp and 430 Nm of torque. The battery offers a capacity of 91 kWh with consumption from 16 to 25 kWh / 100km. Okay, it’s not a bubbling “eighth-eight”, but that’s not the point at the moment.

And it’s not even a Mustang, although the graphics of the taillights, the logo with a running steed on the steering wheel or the front grille (not the “radiator grille” here, of course, try to get closer to it). It’s not (and probably won’t be) a legend from Bullit’s case with Steve Mc Queen behind the wheel, about which we wrote. It is simply a conventional electric car, with a pleasant design and an effort to use anything it can for its presentation. We’ll see if that will be enough for him in a duel (especially with the Tesla X or VW ID.4).