“They threw the body out into the street.” Budanov spoke about the death of Kireev and his assignment in Gomel – news from Ukraine, Politics

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Denis Kireev, a staff member of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, was killed in a car of the Security Service of Ukraine, and his body was thrown into the street. He died before going to Gomel, where he was supposed to drag out negotiations with Russia. This was told by the head of the GUR Kirill Budanov in an interview with Radio Liberty.

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Budanov noted that he could not disclose the details of the death of Kireev, since the investigation into this case continues.

The head of the GUR emphasized that Kireev was not a double agent.

“For many years he collaborated with all the former leaders of our structure … And, in my opinion, the weighty argument will be that he passed all the checks here, including the lie detector. This is also documented, recorded and everything is here in the archives “, – said Budanov.

The head of the GUR said that Kireev was summoned to the SBU directly from his (Budanov’s) office, and he went.

“About 200 meters to the central building of the SBU (he went there), a bus drove out, that is, it just broke into the oncoming lane, Alfa employees ran out shouting:“ This is the SBU! ”, Operatives came out, they said that they were from the SBU. This detained in this form,” Budanov said.

According to him, Kireev told the driver to stop, he was transferred to a minibus, he drove several blocks, and then Kireev’s body fell out of this minibus.

“The facts are as follows: a person who was driving at the invitation of the SBU to the office of the Service, 200 meters away, before reaching it, is intercepted, taken a little further than to this building, and the corpse is thrown out into the street,” said the head of the GUR and added that personally knows the people who “executed” Kireev.

The head of the GUR said that he spoke about the incident with the then head of the SBU, Ivan Bakanov, but he was unable to explain to him what happened and why.

Budanov added that after a visit to the SBU, Kireev was supposed to take a train and go to Gomel, where negotiations with Russia were then held, and try to drag out the process.

“I can express my absolutely subjective opinion. Once again I want to emphasize this: the one who deliberately did this had a goal – to prevent us from interfering in someone else’s game and dragging out this process in order to allow our Armed Forces, let’s say , perform certain actions to repulse the enemy.

If you remember these events, then the situation was close to critical. I think you should remember this well. And there was a certain number of people who, let’s say, did not really want Ukraine to win. This is my personal opinion,” Budanov stressed.

To a clarifying question, he replied that he was talking about people from the Ukrainian side.

  • On January 19, a WSJ material was released in which Budanov revealed the identity of the person who warned about the Russian invasion and the attack on Gostomel – it was Kireev.
  • Podolyak said that the death of Kireev was the result of a lack of coordination between the GUR and the SBU.

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