They tried to MOCK an ARGENTINE in Norway and he responded with height: “Everything is possible with effort”

An Argentine told through TikTok What are the conditions for buying a house in Norway as an immigrant?. The video was made as a response to an unfortunate comment from a user.

See if you can buy a house and then tell me!!! Hahahahahahaha”, was the message received in one of his videos by Ramiro Raxione, 22, who emigrated to the Nordic country a few weeks ago and publishes content on his social networks referring to his experience abroad.

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As a result of this event, the young Argentine decided to clarify what the conditions are to be able to acquire a home in this northern European nation. “Buying a house in Norway as an immigrant is possible. Here you can request a mortgage. The good thing about this mortgage is that it is worth the same as rent. Instead of spending on a rental, you are investing in your own home,” she reported in the clip.

An Argentine said that you can buy a house in Norway as a foreigner. Photo: Video Capture

Regarding the payment conditions and the duration of the mortgage, he clarified: “They can last between 15 and 20 years. It can be a little more depending on the kind of house you want.. To enter a mortgage you have to have a percentage of the value of the house that is usually 10%.

To close the audiovisual material, which had more than 50,000 views, 6,000 likes and thousands of comments on the platform, he wrote: “Everything is possible with effort.”

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Regarding the messages that the video received, the majority of users supported it. “The greatest of successes, you are very brave, do not stop to read these kinds of negative comments”wrote one man. “To those who ask… Can you buy it in Colombia, in Spain, in Argentina?”, reflected another person. Most of those who complain live in Argentina and do not earn more than 150 dollars…”, clarified another young man.

2023-06-02 15:42:13

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