They want Chihuahua police to have access to lines of credit

Chihuahua.- The mayor of Marco Bonilla Mendoza reported that he is working on a variety of lines of credit in banking institutions so that the municipal police can have access to them.

He pointed out that since their work is high-risk, they are often not subject to bank credit approval, which limits their development and allows them to enjoy better economic well-being.

“We are working on a variety of loans for municipal police officers, so that they can use these lines of credit as any citizen does,” he said.

He indicated that they are already in talks with banks and financial companies to bring credits to the police so that they can acquire housing, cars, furniture, or whatever they require.

He added that the actuarial study is about to be completed, which will allow knowing the budgetary impact that the reduction from 30 to 25 years of service will have for the retirement of policemen and firefighters, which will allow administrative decisions to be made.