they want to move to Burgundy, but…

This Friday, M6 offers to follow from 9:05 p.m. an unpublished episode of “Recherche appartement ou maison”, one of the real estate programs hosted by the earthy Stéphane Plaza. Among the future buyers, viewers will get to know Philippe and Fabienne, both 67, retired after a career in the Army for her and a job in telecommunications for him.

These enthusiasts of flea markets and collectors of all kinds (he likes books on aviation, she adores slips), who live in Guyancourt (Yvelines), 20 kilometers south-west of the capital, decided a few months to leave the Paris region in order to be closer to their only son, who has taken up residence in Dijon, in the Côte-d’Or, for ten years.

It is the agent specializing in this area of ​​eastern France, Romain Cartier, who will come to their rescue, but time is running out! The lovers, in a relationship for 44 years, are indeed already in the boxes of the apartment they occupied for 35 years: they sold it for a little over two months and are therefore forced to move as soon as possible. “And then here, we have no more room” slips Philippe, who estimates that he has “more than 3.5 tons of books” that will have to be moved to the next accommodation.

Between 310,000 and 320,000 euros, excluding notary fees

Future buyers are therefore looking, in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté – which is none other than Fabienne’s native region – for a single-storey house or an apartment in a small residence in Dijon or its neighboring towns, with an area of 100 m², if possible without work, with absolutely three bedrooms: one for them, another for the works of the gentleman, and a third for the earthenware pots of the lady. Their budget? Between 310,000 and 320,000 euros, excluding notary fees, with a possible extension of 5,000 to 10,000 euros in the event of a crush.

A comfortable amount, certainly, but Romain Cartier will come up against a double pitfall: the shortage of real estate corresponding to their criteria, and the rare level of requirement of the sixties. To the point, perhaps, of having to ask for help from a certain… Stéphane Plaza?

In any case, nothing will go as planned! To discover this Friday evening, on M6.

”Search apartment or house”, new, season 14, this Friday, January 14 from 9:10 p.m. on M6. The hunters and Stéphane Plaza will also come to the aid of Amandine and Jean, who wish to become owners in Paris, as well as Valérie and her daughter, looking for an apartment to buy in Toulouse.