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A poster campaign has been launched to make known the crafts of the sort.

A poster campaign has been launched to make known the crafts of the sort.


Put it in the light of the trades unsung and pay homage to the officers who most often work in the shadows : this is the objective of the survey produced by the centre for the departmental management of the territorial public service.
Laëtitia Berger and Clement Grignoux, in charge of prevention, health and safety at work the management centre, are among other actors in an important investigation. Their mission, carried out over ten months, began with a questionnaire sent to the agents of the Valleys of the Clain, the Rwis and the community of communes in the pays loudunais. Within these structures, the employees are changing for the good of the society in dealing with the waste, most often in the shade. A work not always recognized at its fair value.
This survey, which addresses the problems of mental health in the workplace, but also psychosocial disorders, has received 52 % of responses ; a rate that has enabled us to make an inventory objective. “We asked the agents to present their mission in connection with the collection and recycling of household waste, specify Laëtitia and Clement. in This survey has helped us identify issues on the quality of life at work. These trades are rather unknown and do not have a picture very rewarding. [?] By contrast, the agents are exposed to psychosocial risks and significant physical (hardness, handling, vibration, noise?) and are subject to postures binding.
Five tons of waste daily, Three days of work have been organized with officers volunteers : a ripeur that handles on average 5 tonnes of waste per day, a driver traveling over a thousand miles per week, and an agent of the landfill, which must guide every day some two hundred users. It should be added to this working group, the communication managers of the institutions and the advisors of prevention, or a dozen people.
during these meetings, the agents took stock of their mission, striving to bring out the negative points encountered on a daily basis. At the end of this investigation, they have chosen to launch a billboard campaign to publicize their businesses, but also to seek the city councils who, through their bulletins municipal, are the best relay to sensitize a maximum of people about the role of these ” everyday heroes? “

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