“They went straight to him, they didn’t look at me”: wife of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci | THE UNIVERSAL

“They went straight to him, they didn’t look at me.” This has been reported by Claudia Aguilera Quintana, wife of anti-mafia prosecutor Marcelo Daniel Pecci Albertini, shortly after arriving in Asunción, Paraguay, on Thursday at 7 p.m.

The Channel 13 journalist returned to her country accompanied by a sister and the Police and Prosecutor’s Office officials who came to Cartagena to support the investigations. At the airport she was received by the Attorney General of the State, Sandra Quiñónez, and there were no statements to the press. It may interest you: Unpublished details of Marcelo Pecci’s crime: 3 shots with a 9 mm pistol

Later, however, she revealed details of how her husband’s crime would have occurred, on Tuesday at 9:30 in the morning, on the beaches of the Island of Barú. To a journalist from the Paraguayan television channel Unicanal, Aguilera told him exclusively that the hit man “extended his arm directly towards prosecutor Pecci, fired three times and there he fell to the ground.”

The widow also told the journalist that the image and the spoken portrait released by the Colombian National Police do indeed correspond to the man who shot the Paraguayan prosecutor at close range. According to General Luis Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, he is an individual 1.74 meters tall, with dark skin and a Caribbean accent, presumably from Colombia or a border country. In the image, the subject is seen dressed in a black diving sweater, shorts of the same color, hat and glasses.

“He had stopped to walk on the beach, he shook off the sand and at that moment the attack happened, everything was very fast (…) She says that the same tourists who witnessed the event tried to react. She heard many say ‘catch them, catch them’”, said the Unicanal journalist after receiving Claudia Aguilera’s statements.

In her story, Pecci’s wife expressed the hard time she experienced, because she thought “it was a game, a tourist attraction” because she did not know that the detonation was actually gunshots. “When she saw the blood, she realized what was happening,” adds the Unicanal journalist. Read here: Key facts about the killer of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci on Isla Barú

Almost twelve hours after the wife of the Paraguayan prosecutor arrived in her country, the remains of Marcelo Pecci were transferred from the Lorduy funeral home, in the Pie del Cerro neighborhood of Cartagena, in front of the San Felipe Castle, to the Rafael Núñez International Airport. The transfer began at 8 in the morning under the accompaniment of uniformed Police. The body could arrive in Paraguay at dawn on Saturday.

In Paraguay, meanwhile, the Association of Fiscal Agents of Paraguay called for a general march of the entire union that will take place this Friday from 4 in the afternoon, local time, in order to honor the prosecutor Marcelo Pecci and demand greater security guarantees for the work they do. The march is called “bravery and courage”.