They were looking for him for sexually abusing his daughter and they found him an arsenal «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

a 63-year-old man was arrested accused of sexually abusing his 15-year-old daughter and, in their possession, the police found an arsenal.

The case was investigated by the fiscal Alejandro Pellegrinelli since last September 4, when the mother of the minor reported that her daughter had revealed to her the sexual assault committed by her own father. In this context, different evidence was gathered and a search was ordered in two houses in the Villa Primera neighborhood, consummated this Thursday.

Cash of the Police Station for Women and the Family They apprehended the defendant and seized a 38 caliber rifle, an M87 pistol, a muzzleloader, a 58 caliber pistol, a 38 caliber revolver, a 9 millimeter mini uzi, three magazines, two CPUs, a monitor, a DVR. , two cell phones, a camera, and a box of 50 22 caliber ammunition.

By order of the prosecutor Pellegrinelli, the accused was transferred to the Penitentiary Warden No. 44 of Batán and quoted to testify in Courts.