They were photographed: Andi Molnár and Szente Vajk exchanged hot kisses

Holy Butter The relationship between the Hungarian actor-director Mari Jászai Award ended at the end of last year Thrower with Kata. Recently, however, she was seen in the company of a pretty lady, in an unmistakable situation: one of the pretty jury members of Dancing with the Stars. So it could easily be that Happiness was found again by St. Vajra.

A Glance one of his readers saw it Vajkot Molnár Andi at the József Katona National Theater in Kecskemét.

He said he immediately recognized both the actor and the dancer, who seemed to really enjoy each other’s company.

Tamara he told the paper: Andrea and Vajk seemed liberated, often touching the other, exchanging kisses. They tried to contact them about the rumor, but Andit he didn’t achieve it while the director replied that he still didn’t want to comment on his privacy. However Holy Butter one of his friends revealed more about the lovers.

“It may be too early to talk about love or a relationship, but they certainly have serious plans for the future. Butter is extremely busy, but if the opportunity arises, they meet and organize a joint program. That’s why Andi went with him to Kecskemét, where the work called Vajko, who is preparing for Elizabeth’s 50th performance. Matching couple, they immediately found a common voice ” Said the director’s friend.