They will manage a mobile unit for blood donation in Delicias – The Herald of Chihuahua

Ricardo Villa Arias, director of the municipality’s Urban Health Center, informed that the state government’s Health Secretariat will be contacted to bring a mobile blood donation unit to the city, since he considered it important to promote this altruistic action in the community.

The foregoing was one of the numerous points that were addressed during the monthly session of the Municipal Health Committee (COMUSAL), which took place at the Club Activo 20-30 facilities.

Dr. Ricardo Villa expressed that it is in the interest of the health authorities that World Blood Donor Day not go unnoticed, which will be commemorated on June 14, a day whose objective is to thank all the altruistic donors who come from time to time to the hospitals.

He recalled that blood is life and for this reason he invited citizens to accompany the activities organized by the Municipal Health Committee, anticipating that, probably, on June 10 there will be the presence of a special truck, with capacity to receive seventy donors.

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If the efforts are successful, the mobile unit could be parked outside the municipal presidency to receive all those people who, with selfless spirit, come to donate blood.

On the other hand, he mentioned that May 28 is the Day of Action for Women’s Health, for which they will arrange for the truck equipped to carry out mammograms to come to Delicias, in order to detect cases of breast cancer in a timely manner.