Caraca.- Personnel of the Hydrological of the Capital Region (Hidrocapital) works on the repair of a fault on a section of pipe of the north feeder, 72 inches in diameter, in Chuao, east of Caracas.

Motivated to this fault has been affected the supply of water to sectors of the municipalities Baruta, Libertador and Sucre, hydrological informed through Twitter.

However, the company informs that the works will be extended for 18 hours and starting at noon this Tuesday will begin the recovery of the service to the affected sectors of those municipalities.

These sectors are, in the Baruta municipality: Las Mesetas, Lomas de Las Mercedes, La Peña, Lomas del Mirador, Santa Ines, Santa Sofia, Santa Marta.

In the Libertador municipality, uptown, the parishes El Recreo, San Bernandino (middle and high part), San Agustín (upper part), San Juan, Altagracia West, January 23, San José, La Pastora (historic center) and in the Sucre municipality, Petare Norte.


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