THG’s share price surges, alternating with profit taking. Keep an eye on the launch of the vaccine import agency today.

19 July 2021


The share price of THG in the morning still rose to a maximum of 33.50 baht before falling to a stable rate of 32.50 baht, hoping to close the job to launch a vaccine import agency today. And there is a sell-off force to make some profits. The brokerage is still a month to invest more caution.

Reporters reported that Share price Thonburi Healthcare Group Public Company Limited or THROUGH This morning (16 July 64) rebounded to the highest point at 33.50 baht, an increase of 0.5 baht or 1.56%, the opening price was 33.00 baht and moved down to 32.50 baht, with the lowest point. At a price of 32.25 baht and from the previous day’s closing price of 32.00 baht, the trading value was about 178.49 million baht.

The reason for the share price THROUGH still rising It comes from the flow of preparing to import 20 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, even in the past week. There will be news from German firm BioEntec has denied that it had ever discussed the sale of the Pfizer vaccine with THG.

But Dr. Boon Wanasin confirmed that it is in accordance with the law. because normally The private sector cannot purchase vaccines directly. and refused to give news again After an order from the SEC because it is considered a share manipulation, but today (July 19) believes that the agency will be launched. That is definitely an importer of the Covid-19 vaccine, making the market still speculative.

However, THG’s share price is still highly volatile and has some profit-taking. With the share price that has already exceeded the fundamentals, therefore, various brokers still recommend caution in investing more. From the operating results in the second quarter of 2021, there is still a high risk of loss. and the spread of COVID-19 pressure on the business to recover more than expected

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