Thief (58) who was shot dead was warned several times by a local resident

The body of the shot thief is removed.

The man who was shot dead on Thursday morning at a quarter past three on the Schusterdruifweg in Suriname, is a known burglar of the neighborhood. It concerns 58-year-old Imro O., who had broken into a house under construction. Items, including a pressurized water tank, tubs and plastic chairs, had been set up to be carried away.

A local resident who is a police officer followed the burglary noises and ordered the burglar to stop. The man did not heed this and fled on foot, after which the officer fired warning shots to change the man’s mind. After the burglar ignored the warning shots, shots were fired.

The paramedics called in determined that the burglar showed no sign of life.

According to a local resident, the burglar made a habit of breaking into houses that are still under construction between 3 and 4 in the morning. Despite warning the burglar several times, he continued with his actions.

The dead body of the burglar has been confiscated for autopsy. The case was handed over on site to the Capital Offenses Department of the Surinamese police, which will continue the investigation.