Thierry Ardisson reveals his big salary: “I’m venal, I like money”


Asked by the JDD, Thierry Ardisson has agreed to reveal the amount of his salary. At 69, the star of the PAF is at the head of a flourishing business. In his 30-year career, Thierry Ardisson has established himself as an emblematic figure of the French small screen. Since September, he even doubled his airtime on C8, with Hello Terrans! and The Sunday Terrans . Although he obviously enjoys his job, the man in black admits being attracted by the lure of profit and multiplying television appearances by greed. ” If I do too much TV to the detriment of more noble activities, it’s because I’m venal, I love money “, He says in the columns of JDD , who devotes an inquiry into his business. Known for his outspokenness, Thierry Ardisson also has a funny ” theory »:« Being old is boring, but being old and poor is worse “Says the one who assumes to touch” between 15,000 and 20,000 euros per month “. A huge salary he owes to the presentation of his two weekly shows, but also to his production box Teleparis, he leads with Stéphane Simon. And that’s not all since he also founded the company Nolita Cinema, for which he is currently working on two projects series. As for his television career, Thierry Ardisson says he does not want ” to do antenna until 87 years And plans to soon retire without his Norman house to devote himself entirely to production. A project to which his wife Audrey Crespo-Mara has a hard time believing Producer work is more of a shadow job. Thierry needs light. And money …


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