Thierry Ardisson reveals his salary and assumes: "I am venal, I love money"

Thierry Ardisson reveals his salary and assumes: "I am venal, I love money"

In its edition of this April 15 , the Sunday newspaper crunches the portrait of Thierry Ardisson in a long article entitled “The godfather of the PAF”. The opportunity to learn more about the business of the animator and producer. Indeed, the man in black does not just animate each week Hello Terrans! and The Sunday Terrans! on C8. He is also a producer. Associate for several years with Stéphane Simon (Téléparis), it produces in particular The circle on Canal +, but also Night of the Molières or The Zygel Academy on France 2. ⋙ The Terrans of Sunday, Saturday evening in Pigalle … Thierry Ardisson reveals his projects on C8 And that’s not all. Eager to make a name for himself in the cinema, Thierry Ardisson founded Nolita Cinema with Maxime Delauney and Romain Rousseau in 2012. After He already has your eyes , by Lucien Jean-Baptiste, and Memories , by Jean-Paul Rouve, the man in black wants to produce a film around the Palace, whose scenario has just been handed to Canal +. Fan of breaking Bad and The Leftovers, he also works on two series: Road to Nirvana , on the Flower Power years, and Talk show a Ten percent in the world of television. ⋙ Thierry Ardisson develops a series for Canal + In this portrait of JDD, who interviewed Thierry Ardisson and many of his relatives and collaborators, the animator also reveals his income. The one who turned 69 in January said to win “between 15,000 and 20,000 euros per month”. A nice sum that he assumes. “If I do too much TV to the detriment of more noble activities, it’s because I’m venal, I like money”, he confides, adding with humor: “To be old is boring, but to be old and poor is worse.” ⋙ Controversy over the salaries of the animators: Christine Bravo explains herself and takes the defense of Stéphane Bern (VIDEO)

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