Thieves from Steinfurt show their theft on Instagram

The damage is relatively small for a car dealership theft, thank goodness. The perpetrators were after two tin license plate inserts. Inscription: nugget. However, the ridicule that the hitherto unknown names have earned for their nightly weekend action on the Internet and on Borghorst’s streets is great.

The assumption that the quartet are intellectual parking light drivers is based on the fact that the boys not only filmed and photographed each other unscrewing the metal signs. No, and that’s the kicker now, the nugget fans then uploaded the pictorial evidence of their theft to the Instagram video platform. It’s a bit like a burglar leaving his business card at the crime scene.

Smuggle loot unobtrusively from the farm

Well, car dealership owner Maik Stücken might not have found out so quickly that he had two nugget license plates less since the weekend. After all, the associated campers were fortunately still available. “But I was constantly being hit by brats,” grins the boss, “who had seen the little film on Instagram.” Always the same question: “Isn’t that where you are?” After all, there are so many outlets for Ford delivery vehicles in Steinfurt Not.

The sequence does not only show the dismantling. One of the Tin Sign Gang tries to find a place in his left pant leg to smuggle the loot from the farm unobtrusively.

Detention for jokers

In any case, Maik Stücken has meanwhile misused the viral film document for his search purposes. He calls on the three mechanics and their cameraman to return the signs by tomorrow, Friday. “Otherwise we will unfortunately have to report you to the police,” the car dealership owner threatens on all channels. Oh yes, he would also like to hear an apology.

Pieces is now thinking about whether he can use the mockery, pardon the jokers, for some kind of detention. Washing cars or pulling weeds in the square? He can think of a lot of activities that are not particularly challenging mentally. “And of course I would ask the perpetrators if I could film them,” says Stücken, laughing and patting his thighs a second time.

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