Things to do when we take off the masks outdoors

Gives Monday 28 June in the regions in white area – since that day all – you can do without the mask for outdoor activities. The Technical-Scientific Committee gave a positive opinion and the Ministry of Health confirmed: “The obligation will be exceeded, always in compliance with the precautionary indications of the Cts” said the manager Roberto Speranza. All this despite the spread of Delta variant, much more contagious than the previous ones and that some estimates give in Italy between 7 and over 20% of total infections of the last few weeks. We must not be alarmed but it is essential to remember that, just as masks are not impenetrable armor, even the outdoor context does not magically solve every danger: one thing is to remove the mask by following a few measures and keeping your distance, another is to discuss with many people and for hours face to face.

On the other hand, Mario Draghi had anticipated it, putting an end to a debate that in many European countries has not been so felt: as we have seen, in many places the obligation has already been overcome for days, it will soon be or even is not. never been introduced. Scientists agree on the very low circulation of the virus when outdoors and therefore have given the green light. A decree over the weekend, after the new monitoring last Friday, it will certify the passage. Different, and more thorny, discourse on the last hanging front: discos.

There is also some who disagree. Paolo Villani, Professor of Hygiene and Director of the Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases at Sapienza explained to Corriere della Sera that if it is true that the chances of getting infected outdoors are lower than indoors, it is not possible to quantify exactly how much the risk is lowered. “It depends on what are the open spaces and the level of circulation of the virus” explained Villani, comparing various situations and for example referring to the bathing establishments, where with the spacing between beds you can relax. “To be infected you need to have an average close contact with an infected person for at least 15 minutes. But on any outdoor occasion you may have to wear the mask even if it was not planned. When you are in line for an ice cream, or for a theatrical show or to get the vaccine in a hub. Moral: the mask cannot and must not be forgotten, should continue to be seen as an object to be carried with you automatically, when we leave the house as we will never be sure of not running into a crowd in which it will be necessary to put it on ».

Let’s see what the rules that remain ei advice not to take risks, not even outdoors.

1.First of all the white area: the mask can be removed outdoors only in regions with an incidence of less than 50 cases per week per 100 thousand inhabitants. The situation will hardly get worse in the coming weeks but the spread of variants, especially the Delta, suggests caution. Away with masks only where the risk is minimal.

2.The mask must always be carried with you. It was and must remain a daily accessory not to be forgotten when leaving the house. We will in fact wear it in case of gatherings, on which, however, we must be very clear: you do not need to go to the stadium. Also the queue from the ice cream maker, shopping at the market, a walk in a crowded fair or market O outside a shop it is in fact a gathering: in that case, better wear it. As well as everywhere it is not possible to remain at a safe distance from other people.

3.In the shopsobviously, the mask will always be worn. As well as within the shopping centers. In fact, absolutely nothing changes for closed places. And you will not be able to compromise on any violation. In the bar and in restaurants the approved rules remain in force: the mask can be removed only when seated at the table. If you get up for anything else, it must be worn. The staff will have to keep it at all times, even if he works in open spaces because obviously he has to work in continuous gatherings.

4.There are no count, even on social networks, of people’s complaints for those who do not respect the obligation on board trains and of planes. On those vehicles, as well as on ferries and other means of transport, such as ski lifts, the protections remain mandatory considering the practically total capacity for all vehicles (only the trains are 80%). Same goes for the public transport: at the stop, if there are not too many people waiting, the mask can be removed. But it should be put back if there are many people and obviously before getting on board, keeping it for the entire duration of the journey.

5.For i vaccine there should be no differences, at least for now: according to the president of the CTS, Franco Locatelli, si can consider taking it off indoors only if everyone present is immunized. If there is even one person who has not completed the vaccination course, it must always be kept. But something like this is unlikely to be included in the weekend decree.

6.Basic always keep at least one meter away from each other, take care of hand hygiene and always carry the device with you, stored properly and without mistreating it, hang it on your arms or put it in contact with surfaces: the ideal is a plastic or paper bag.

7.According to the Committee, the use would remain “strongly recommended” in frail and immunosuppressed subjects “and those around them”. As well as in the healthcare environments.


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