The 1is September 2022, an anonymous phone call alerted the authorities to the potential presence of narcotics in a dwelling located in Hayange. A search is carried out and will lead the investigators to discover a backpack containing 393 grams of herbal cannabis, packaging sachets, €260 in cash as well as traces of cannabis in a cupboard fitted out as a grow room. A 45-year-old woman was arrested and taken into custody. She will make declarations there attesting that she was behind a small traffic to face money problems, even specifying that she had bought for 1,500 € of cannabis. However, at the helm of the Thionville Criminal Court, the Hayangeoise retracted. Sure of herself, she indicates that she did not “check her declarations before signing them”, and that the backpack was in fact that of her former companion. We understand in the course of the exchanges that she would have kicked him out because “he paid nothing” and that she would have kept the grass for the balance of all accounts.

“She won’t get away with it”

“Madame reveals that she bought cannabis for 1,500 euros, it is a detail that the police could not invent […] Now she talks to us about threats, tells us that the bag belongs to a gentleman whom she has taken in who, because he thinks she won’t get out of it like that, makes an anonymous call to the police”, continues the deputy prosecutor, Élodie Seyller. Six months of suspended prison sentence were required against the forties. For his part, the defense lawyer, Maître Tiberi, raises “the nullity of this procedure” evoking “a null search and null custody”. The judgment has been reserved and will be rendered on April 4.