Thionville. A note of modernity at the conservatory that will make noise

Once again, the Thionville conservatory had to be put on hold because of the health situation. The children were able to resume face-to-face in January, adults only at the end of May. Despite everything, the 735 students chained the rehearsals at a distance, live, but also in video.

“We have invested in recording equipment,” underlines director Pierre Trimbur, “we are up to date by joining the Nomade play platform and we have continued digital training for teachers at Puzzle. We have also acquired software for administration and to facilitate exchanges with families. This year, we went ahead, we accelerated our modernization. “

Even the pedagogy has evolved. “We added to the musical studies certificate a contract course more suited to certain students who suffered in the face of pressure. The exams over, the musicians shone. “Some have made tremendous progress despite this hectic year. We decided to keep the classes until July 6th. Honestly, we haven’t lost more registrants than the other years, that’s a source of pride. “

High-end projects

Partnerships with Puzzle, Led and Adagio have been strengthened and the 2021-2022 season will ring with vibrato. “We will resume on September 8. We will have masterclasses with artists, our fortnight around the guitar from January 17 to 30, as well as a big show at the Thionville theater on May 15. “

Suffice to say that the conservatory has decided to make itself heard with no less than 80 events. “We grew up thanks to the situation, we knew how to reinvent ourselves and stay dynamic. “

Beginners will be able to register from August 25 via the internet. Piano, guitar, violin and musical training from 5 years old are in the repertoire, from classical to jazz. “We also welcome adults. “


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