Thionville. CAPF-VDF merger: “Two local authorities in balance”

“I am delighted today with the excellent financial health of our agglomeration. Admittedly, we haven’t left the hostel, but I believe that our community is very calm, and that it is moving forward with very ambitious projects. To support his point, Pierre Cuny, boss of Portes de France Thionville, relies in particular on the outstanding debt which now amounts to €193 per inhabitant, a level much lower than that of agglomerates in the same stratum ( 376€).

Debt reduction capacity is also in good health: 2.4 years compared to 4.7 years in 2021. There are all the same these 2 million additional operating expenses, planned for 2023. Mainly due to the additional cost of energy (multiplied by 2.5), an increase in contribution to the syndicate which manages the North Moselle Smitu bus network (+€262,000), not to mention the increase in personnel costs (€1.5 million) and the operation of the Basse-Ham aquatic center (estimate at €1.2 million). Later will come “the very serious question of waste management”, warned President Cuny. The taxpayer will appreciate the promised maintenance of local taxes for the time being.

Mobility: “We are going to put the means”

And this marriage with the Val de Fensch conurbation? It was discussed again this Thursday, in community council. And the least we can say is that the head of the EPCI continues to send flattering messages to the future bride. “A week ago, I saw the same report from the Val de Fensch agglomerate reporting rather healthy finances. If tomorrow we are talking about fusion, it is not between one community that will save the other; on the contrary, these are two local authorities which today have found a satisfactory balance. What to envisage a future with a lot of serenity. »

This urban continuity of territory obviously includes the subject of mobility, “a major element for which we are going to provide the means”. And unlike his predecessors, tackled Pierre Cuny. “It’s not just high-level service buses in the Citézen project, feeder lines are also needed, to be at the heart of our concerns. “Wouldn’t this be the announced end of the Smitu (mixed union), and a takeover of the network by a merged super agglomeration of 150,000 inhabitants…