Thionville. Drunk driving, conviction on the turn

“Like everyone else, I have points of weakness”, defends the defendant. Weaknesses that led him once again to the bar of the Thionville judicial court on Monday, July 19. His arrest by the national police goes back to the day before, around 11:25 p.m. “It is noted by the police that you smell strongly of alcohol. You are asked to submit to a blood alcohol test, you refuse. When the request is renewed, you report asthma problems “, sums up President Vincent Rouvre adding:” you have been subject to a license cancellation since June 16, 2021 and you have already been arrested on July 10 for driving without a license. “

The forty-something tries to minimize. “I breathed, but not all the way. Since taking the vaccine, I have had trouble breathing. “Later,” around 1 am, you refuse to leave your cell to go to the hospital to test your blood alcohol level. “Result, when the respondent finally accepts, around 8:20 am, his rate is set at 0.46 mg per liter of exhaled air. “It is estimated that at the time of your arrest, your level was 1.46 mg / L of air. “

” A last chance ”

Alcohol consumption is recognized without penalty. “I had bad news. After work, I went to a friend’s house, we ate, ”rewinds the respondent. “How much have you drunk?” », Interrupts the president. “Sure, 4 beers, 3 glasses of wine and I don’t know. “In the record, several mentions indicate other moments” of weakness “, which does not prevent the respondent from appealing for leniency of the court. “This is your fourth alcohol driving offense, are you on a simple suspended sentence and asking not to go to jail and keep your license?” », Reacts the deputy prosecutor Ludovic Louet. The man nods, begging for a last chance. “On July 9, you received a summons from the Metz court for similar acts committed last month. There is an apparent lack of awareness. Mr. explains that he reacts badly when he has bad news, but driving with three grams, it is the best way to have a new mourning in the family ”, strikes the parquet floor.

Found guilty, the driver was sentenced to 8 months in prison, 4 of which were suspended, a sentence which will be arranged in the form of electronic surveillance at home. He also receives an obligation of care, work, a cancellation of his driving license and a ban on driving a vehicle without an alcohol ignition interlock system.

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