Thionville. The Restos de la musique stop at Sipra

Make a beef in the kitchen, at the restaurant or at the bar, and distribute it on social networks in solidarity with the restaurants. This is the original idea of ​​Messin Nicolas Thisse, from the EvenThis company in Longeville-lès-Metz, specializing in musical entertainment for all events. Used to putting on local concerts at restaurants in the region or in event venues, this outstanding drummer has brought together his friends, musicians and singers to organize jam sessions in solidarity with the restaurants of the region. “Both artists and professionals in the catering trade are greatly affected. The world has stopped for us, as for many in other sectors. Through these musical meetings, we want to show our support to our colleagues. But also bring a note of hope, ”explains Nicolas Thisse.

Between cooking and music, there are many similarities. Isn’t it a question of piano, mandolin, saucepan, tuning fork, flute, scraper, drums, stick? What about operas, Rossini tournedos, the famous Mozart? This is how a series of musical sessions have been scheduled since February 3 in various restaurants in the region. About ten have already joined the idea.

“See the establishment relive the time of a song”

“Musicians, a singer or a singer paying homage to a standard of song from a restaurant empty of customers, but filled with the desire to soon find those atmospheres that we miss so much,” adds Nicolas Thisse. “It’s a musical message to say that we will all be ready when it reopens. The first video shot at the Mojito Bar, in Metz, was broadcast on February 8 on the website, on the eventhis YouTube account and on the eventhis Facebook page, as well as on the Facebook pages of the partners of this project, including Le Républicain Lorrain. Since then, the clips have been shown every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 p.m.

The next broadcast will take place this Monday, February 22, shot in the premises of the Sipra restaurant in Thionville, with musicians Yvon Fréreux (vocals), Cédric Boyon (guitar), Régis Mauterlé (bass), Michel Martin (piano), Nicolas Thisse ( Cajun) and Madji (choirs). “A pleasure to hear and see the establishment come back to life for a song”, rejoices Sipra, the owner, “and hoping soon for new meetings around a good table with the customers, all in music ”.


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