Thionville. The waltz of the needles at Ang’Hell Tattoo Family

Don’t you have to be a little crazy to quit a good job as an automotive engineer, a position held for fifteen years, and a nursing assistant, to start tattooing and making children’s clothes? ? “It’s a hell of a gamble indeed, but once you get over the fear, it’s easier. You have to be daring and daring. From the start, we have always promised ourselves to have our own business. »The covid, some confinements and family reunions having served as a detonator, Cyrille Frossard and Angélique Sénéchal are starting a new chapter in their life this Saturday, October 30, by opening their concept store in Thionville, Ang’Hell Tattoo Family.

An alternative rock style

Passionate about US and underground culture, punk music, hardcore and traditional tattooing, Amnevillois Angel and Cyrille have chosen Thionville to set up their shop. “Obvious after carrying out a market study” In their shop, a workshop-boutique and a tattoo studio meet in the same place called Ang’Hell Tattoo Family. “I’ve always loved creating,” Angel says, “and during my first pregnancy, self-taught, I started sewing. At first it was just for me and my kids. I made bibs, pants, sleeping bags, bedspreads, etc. Then my friends, and the friends of my friends, wanted it. Social networks have helped me a lot and so it started. »His creations correspond to the punk-rock culture, an alternative rock style which allows other parents to dress their children by assuming their look.

Tattooed all over his body, Cyrille also assumes. With his four years of experience in tattooing, in addition to his engineering job, work and research which have allowed him over the years to refine his style, XoneXmoreX – that’s his artist name – is mainly follower of the traditional US tattoo. The former senior executive from Franche-Comté has therefore put an end to professional travel, put his bags in Thionville, motivated by the idea of ​​imposing his style with his needle. Just like his companion.