Thionville. Three days in the corridors of the emergencies of Bel-Air: she testifies

Isabelle, 56, a legal secretary from Yutz, is testifying to her ordeal in the emergency room of the Bel-Air hospital in Thionville. On Saturday, December 17, Isabelle was at her mother’s in Yutz when she experienced respiratory failure. Her daughter, a nurse, took her pulse and saturation, which measures the level of oxygen in the blood, and immediately took her to the emergency room in Bel-Air. When they arrived, there were already nearly 80 people in the waiting room. Despite being told that her case was urgent, Isabelle spent the next three days in the corridors of the emergency room, waiting for care. She is now speaking out to not only recognize the hard work of the nursing staff, but also to denounce a system that no longer works.