Thionville. Three things to know about the ecological transition board

From concept to reality

The climate emergency is prompting elected officials from all sides to take a serious look at the environmental issue. In Thionville, Mayor Pierre Cuny also wished to take into consideration the opinion and expertise of citizens on the subject. This is the meaning of the ecological transition committee (CTE), an unprecedented body that has just been created.

Saturday was the day of its implementation. The meeting was held at the Belfry. The mayor opened the meeting by recalling that he now wanted to integrate an ecological dimension into any political decision without, however, opposing development and the environment. By probing in a very official way the opinion of citizens, Pierre Cuny admits to put “a thread in the paw […] The transformation of our territory, of our city, will not be easy… ”Nevertheless, the opinions delivered by the CTE will be purely advisory.

First works in June

“Freedom of trade, daring, independence”: such is the triptych on which the ecological transition committee is based. Its host, Paul Didier, recalled it on Saturday. And to insist: “We will never serve any political agenda”. Perfect.

Laurent Tschiersch, municipal councilor responsible for the ecological transition who chairs the CTE, recalled the objectives: “Raise awareness, assess, recommend”. “Imagine in Thionville what never existed: why not! He said, quoting a quote from Kennedy.

The CTE can work either on referral to the municipal council, or on its own initiative. It aims for three expertises per year. He will not be really ready to work until June. Before that, from the month of April, he will present himself more precisely to Thionvillois.

Who are the 28?

Students, retirees, engineers, consultants, teachers, tradesman, biologist, architect, doctor, business leader… Here is the list of CTE members: Paul Didier; Marthe L’Huillier; Géraldine Capron; Antonietta Specogna; Dino Santilli; René Dalvit; Sophie Allibert; Nehemiah Cangialosi; Celia D’Agostini; Cyril Tarquinio; Emmanuel Isselin; Jade Demerlé; François Témoin; Martine Durante; Camille Fraccaro; Philippe Lerouvillois; Sandrine Grumberg; Laurent Tschierch; Philippe Houplon; Sandrine Marx; Sandra Bouxirot; Christine Graffiedi; Daniel Hay; Benjamin Walter; Jean-Pierre George; Emilie Pap; Céline Thiel Bravo.


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