Third dose or late, the appointments follow one another at the Draguignan Covid-19 vaccination center

A measure that could be extended in the days and weeks to come to people aged 50 and over. “This announcement caused a significant increase in requests for a third dose”, explains Cindy Pugliese, coordinator at the Draguignan vaccination center.

“We had during the month of October a decrease in activity with reduction of the hours of the center”, indicates the member of the Territorial Professional Health Community (CPTS) of Draguignan, in charge of the management of the center.

Double slots

A trend that is no longer relevant. “We were at around 700 appointments per week, we will eventually increase to 1,500 weekly injections”, she predicts.

“We were at three active tents, we are going to have five active”, warns Sébastien Guillen, health coordinator seconded to the center by the town hall.

If currently, the appointment reservation is full, new slots will be available from Thursday, November 25.

“From then on, the center will be open every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.”, he explains.

“You can always reserve your time slot on Doctolib or by calling the dedicated number, 04.830.830.85”, adds Cindy Pugliese.

500 injections per day

“Our goal is to be able to reach the 500 daily injections”, predicts Sébastien Guillen.

On Monday almost all of the people who came to be vaccinated were present for a third injection or a booster dose. “I called this morning and was able to have my appointment a few hours later”, explains Jocelyne, who is patient in the observation area after the bite.

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Managed by the CPTS and agents from the town hall, Dracénie Provence Verdon agglomeration and CCAS, the Draguignan vaccination center is active thanks to the mobilization of nursing staff.

“They work at the vaccination center in addition to their usual activity, without them nothing would have been possible”, reminds Cindy Pugliese. “We were also able to count on the support of retired caregivers and members of the Federation French rescue and first aid in the Var. “

Latecomers are at the rendezvous

Among the candidates for vaccination are a few people waiting for their first injection.

Of the 388 slots reserved via Doctolib on Monday, about fifteen of them came for their first injection of the vaccine. Vaccination delays linked to very specific situations or some reluctance. This is the case of Derifa, 73 years old.

“I was stranded for two years in Algeria. On the spot, I shut myself up at home so as not to fall ill”, she says. Returned to Draguignan three days ago, it was his daughter who booked him her meeting. “They are extremely benevolent, as long as I am not vaccinated, everyone wears the mask at home.”

“I was finally able to make my appointment for the first dose, explains Alexandra, 28. I was pregnant, I could not get vaccinated before.” A must for the young mother, who works as a nurse at the Draguignan clinic.

A student in the health field, Amandine is also coming to be vaccinated for the first time. “I do it in order to be able to do my internships at the hospital, but this vaccination obligation bothers me deeply”, explains the young woman of 25 years.

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