Third postponement for the 20th edition of Motards ont du cœur in Mayenne

The association Les motards ont du cœur 53 is postponing the 20th edition of the operation for the third time, scheduled for April 25. The event aims each year to obtain pledges of blood, bone marrow and organ donations. The organizers made this decision in the face of the health situation: to carry out the operation, they rely on volunteers from the French Blood Establishment (EFS) and France ADOT 53, who are often retirees or people at risk. “We can’t play with people’s health“, affirms Sylvain Nicolas, the president of the Motards have heart 53.

“We are disgusted”

The 20th edition of Les Motards ont du cœur was to take place initially in April 2020, then was postponed for the first time in October 2020. The health situation at that time once again led the organizers to postpone the event, which was to therefore be held on April 25, 2021.

This is a third postponement for Bikers with a Heart 53: the organizers anticipate new organizational difficulties as the deadline draws closer. Indeed, the operation mobilizes 1,000 motorcyclists and takes place across 200 municipalities in Mayennes to collect donations. Before any event of this type, the association therefore needs the agreement of the town halls and then the prefecture. The organizers therefore prefer to postpone the 20th edition now, which requires significant logistics. “We are disgusted, we expect this every year“, regrets Sébastien Tessier, vice-president of the Motards have heart 53.

The organizers do not yet have a new date for the organization of the event and specify that the benefits of registrations for the 20th edition are kept with this new postponement.


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