Third season ‘Euphoria’ won’t come until 2025

The story continues where it left off. After Pope has decided to leave the Netherlands, Tatta rips his 2000 kilos of coke from Antwerp. Samira, Pope’s sister, is left empty-handed in the Netherlands. As her brother’s deputy, she must deal with all the consequences that come from the theft. And as a newcomer, this makes her extra dependent on her right-hand man Tonnano, who hunts Tatta out of revenge.

What makes things even worse is that Samira’s ex-husband Taxi has defected to justice and is working on a key witness deal. With this he adds fuel to the fire in the fight that public prosecutor Gerben van Jars is waging against Pope’s organization. Taxi feeds Van Jars with insights and confessions, which could well mean the end of Pope’s organization.​

Watch the full trailer for the new season here.

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2023-05-30 21:23:00