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A game at a good level with both goalkeepers having their share of the fewest number of goals scored on Friday night. Bitter for TSV: Despite several failures, at least one point was possible. “The result could have been the other way around,” said Potsdam coach Bob Hanning. “A painful defeat,” said Dormagen’s coach Matthias Flohr. “Unfortunately, you didn’t reward yourself for your efforts today,” he told his players in the dressing room. The promoted team went home with two points after 24:23 (13:11) and was able to thank right winger David Akakpo, among others, who contributed four goals to the success on the day before his 25th birthday. The next task for TSV next Saturday, October 8th, is “probably the toughest task against a crack opponent,” explained Flohr. It goes to Balingen, where he worked as an assistant coach before moving to Dormagen.

Hall spokesman Oliver Fenkl had called for a new start of the game, at least in Dormagen: “The spectators will stay until the Wiesel have scored the first goal.” This time, the 927 fans only had to wait 60 seconds – Aron Seesing scored the 1-0 . TSV was in the game well and was ahead by two goals when Ian Hueter scored the early end in the 6th minute. The defensive action against Nils Lichtlein was punished with a red card – a decision that can certainly be disputed. “You don’t have to give a red card,” said Ian’s brother Patrick, who had to watch the scene from the spectator’s side. A capsule injury suffered in training in the foot area did not allow the defense chief to play. And so TSV had to continue without both US national players. A rare situation.

The Wiesel initially coped well with the loss of Ian Guardian. After two goals from Mislav Grgic and the first saved penalty throw from Martin Juzbasic, they were ahead 6:4. However, VfL took advantage of subsequent mistakes and turned the game around for the first lead: 19-year-old Mark Beneke, who can finish very well, made it 6:7. Now it was the guests who complained about the red card against Joshua Thiele in the 15th minute. In the middle of the defense he had struck against Aron Seesing and was allowed to sign off the field early. It is understandable that the punishment after the first disqualification was also classified as a concession decision.

After a seven-meter save by Lasse Ludwig, Jan Reimer managed to equalize 7:7 because he converted the rebound. But in the game at eye level it was the last draw of the evening. Potsdam kept going forward and never gave up the lead, “although we gave Dormagen many opportunities to win the game,” Hanning knows that his team “still has a lot to learn.” What particularly annoyed him: “It was for us Almost completely taken the pace, something that no team of Dormagen’s quality has managed to do before.”

The TSV was close to one or even two points. “We could have won if we had accepted the offers from Potsdam”, Matthias Flohr was disappointed with the course of the game long after the 60 entertaining minutes. “We defended superbly against absolute class players and were able to create good chances up front again and again.” But too often these were wasted by unplaced shots. The hosts fought their way from a deficit of 16:20 in the 43rd minute to 21:22 (56th) through Jakub Sterba, who jumped in from far into the circle. The outstanding Martin Juzbasic kept his team in the running with the third saved penalty throw, but his opponent Lasse Ludwig once again distinguished himself with the renewed save against Artur Karvatski. 12 seconds before the final whistle, Akakpo made everything clear with the 22:24. The subsequent penalty throw converted by Grgic only reduced the gap.


TSV Bayer Dormagen – 1. VfL Potsdam 23:24 (11:13)

TSV Bayer Dormagen: Juzbasic (13 saves), Broy (ne); Reuland (1), Meuser (3), Send (1), Karvatski (3), Zurga (3), Rehfus (1), I. Guardian, Reimer (1), Grgic (4/1), Sterba (1) , J. Schmidt, Seesing (3), Steinhaus (2)

1. VfL Potsdam: Ludwig (13 saves), Voncina (in a 7m), Ferjan (ne); Hansson (4), Simic (4), Beneke (7), Kaludjerovic (ne), Lichtlein (2), Thiele, Nowak, Grüner (1), Akakpo (4), Orlov, Fuhrmann, Sauter, Langhoff (2)

Referee: Smock / Sharp

Viewers: 927

time penalties: 6:8 minutes (Red against I. keeper, 6th, and Thiele, 15th)

seven meters: 1/2:0/4 (Ludwig saves against Reimer, who converts the rebound – Juzbasic saves against Grüner, Beneke and Lichtlein, who also throws one at the post)

Motion pictures: 3:1, 6:4, 6:7 (13.), 7:7, 7:11 (21.), 11:12, 11:13 – 13:15, 13:17, 16:20 (43.), 19:21, 21:22, 22:23 (59.), 22:24, 23:24

Source: TSV Bayer Dormagen / photo: fence breaker


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