Thirteen years later, Obama finds the little boy who touched his hair at the White House

Screen print from the video posted by Barack Obama on his reunion with Jacob Philadelphia – BFMTV

Jacob Philadelphia is the son of a former White House employee. As is often the case for those who leave the place, Carlton, the father of the child, had asked to take a photo with Barack Obama, freshly elected, in the presence in particular of his two sons. Five-year-old Jacob asked a question that surprised everyone at the time, starting with the President of the United States himself: “Is your hair like mine?”

To which Barack Obama responded by prostrating himself in front of the little boy so that he could touch them. The photo has gone viral. Thirteen years later, as little Jacob has grown up, their moment resurfaces.

Indeed, Obama met with Jacob again and shared a video of their interview. The former president of the United States congratulated the teenager on his high school graduation and spoke with him about their 2009 exchange.

A clip lasting five minutes

This remote reunion opens with a question from the former American president who wonders if the boy remembers him. “I remember you telling me your hair was going to be gray next time,” he quips.

Throughout the five-minute clip, Jacob explains how meeting the President in the Oval Office is a highlight of his life. During their exchange, Jacob Philadelphia also told Barack Obama of his intention to study political science at the University of Memphis.

“I think this photo embodies one of the hopes I had when I started running for office,” Obama said. And to add:

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“I remember saying to Michelle (Obama) and some members of my team, ‘You know, I think if I were to win, the day I was sworn in, young people, especially African Americans, people of color, strangers, in short, people who may not always feel like they belong, would look at themselves differently when they saw someone who looked like them in the Oval Office. Latino children, gay children and young girls. They could see the world opening up to them”. 876450610001_6211319422001

If the little boy that was Jacob at that time may not have grasped the full extent of this meeting, with hindsight, he explains today, “It was a rather important moment in my life. If I see another black man being at the top, being at that top, so I want to follow that trail.”

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