This 2.5 “Samsung 4 TB internal SSD sees its price drop by 100€!

This offer from Amazon is therefore interested in a 2.5 “internal SSD from Samsung, a brand that is no longer presented in this field, model 870 QVO, with a capacity of 4 TB. Given its SATA interface (6 GB/s, but also compatible with 3 GB/s and 1.5 GB/s interfaces), it provides a sequential reading speed of 560 MB/s and writing of 530 MB/s. improved thanks to the Intelligent TurboWrite technology, allowing it to be accelerated and maintain high performance over time.

The 870 QVO is thus ready for all tests, promising good operation for 1.5 million hours and up to 2880 TB written. It is also very resistant to extreme conditions and promises to operate in temperatures ranging from 0 to 70°C. On the power consumption side, it is also quite economical, using an average of 2 W in reading and writing, 30 mW at rest and 3 mW in standby.

Weighing only 46 grams for 10 cm in length, 7 cm in width and 0.7 cm in height, the 870 QVO will easily find its place in your machine to provide additional storage space and a significant speed gain. It is also very easy to install, whether in a fixed or portable PC, and highly compatible with many operating systems. All you have to do is install the 870 QVO in its slot and let the migration software work its magic!