This Alternate Ending of ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Really Looks Better


Writer Michael Waldron has revealed an alternate ending for Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And this ending would have given a different meaning to the Sinister Strange.

The film has had quite a few adjustments before it hit theaters worldwide. This is mainly to ensure that the film connects to the many other productions that were recorded during the impactful corona measures and that often changed their release date.

It was previously announced that the start of the film and the composition of the Illuminati has been adjusted in the meantime. However, the alternate ending, which probably wasn’t included, seems to have been a better choice.

Better alternative ending Doctor Strange 2
“Strange gets stuck in that [Incursion]-universe,” Waldron explained about the course of the alternate ending, “and then Sinister Strange turns and the third eye opens.”

Waldron added that to accentuate this moment, we would have heard Vincent Price’s laugh, similar to the laugh in Thriller van Michael Jackson.