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Home Entertainment This Australian photographer captured 21 Ghostlike portraits of bodysurfers

This Australian photographer captured 21 Ghostlike portraits of bodysurfers

Trent Mitchell is an Australian photographer who has been behind the camera for over 15 years. Although he has many prizes to support his extensive portfolio, he only looks at his photo 's once to realize that his works speak for themselves.

As an artist who lives by the sea and enjoys the living word, Mitchell loves to capture people in their element, especially when it is related to nature around them. "I like to take photos from a new perspective and try different techniques to make unrepeatable images." The sea is a place where I spent a large part of my life and it is definitely a recurring theme in my work ", the photographer told Bored Panda.

Recently he has released a new series of titles Inside atlas focused on the smooth movement of bodysurfers. "I was really trying to make something that I had never seen before with a subject that I knew very well: bodysurfing, movement, skin, flash," Mitchell explained. The series explores the idea of ​​"the human mind through movements of the sea in a forgotten and unknown space". Each photo emphasizes both the human element and the always flowing movements of the sea. "This series was technically challenging as well as physically demanding, a lot of time was spent under the waves and I took as many big falls as the guys I was photographing!" he went further into the production.

Trent is working on Inside atlas was also recorded on film by an Australian filmmaker Robert Sherwood. It not only examines the idea and process behind the photo series, but also provides a background about the work and creative spirit of Mitchell.

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