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This Brit was the best tennis player in the world. His injuries broke: Tennis: Sports:

British tennis player Andy Murray decided to end the sport. He was finally brought endless injuries, operations and pain. At a special press conference where he announced his decision, the great athlete could not hold back his tears. Great – because in many ways he was and remains the first and only. The path of the outstanding Briton remembered "".

“Ole-Ole!” – the rostrum, painted in the colors of the Argentine flag, roar in football. The scoreboard on the Olympic court shows the time: exactly four hours. With the score 1: 2 in sets and 5: 6 in games gives Juan Del Potro. He does not look doomed, although he certainly understands that he has already lost. On the other side of the grid looming Briton Andy Murray, who from the historical achievement – the golden double of the Olympics – separates one point won.

Four hours one minute. A prolonged rally, and … The ball from the Argentinian racket flies into the net, and Murray becomes the champion of the Games in Rio de Janeiro. The Briton shakes his head blankly, barely noticeably smiles, hugs the fallen Argentine and says something to him for a long time. Then he turns to the stands and thanks a few compatriots for their support. He does not jump on the court, does not throw a racket into the air, does not gnaw the grass, and does not look happy at all. They give out Murray only tears, obviously – happiness. So that no one can see them, he hides his face in a towel and sits like that while preparing the awards ceremony.

The British were often condemned for restraint and modesty. The tennis player’s almost complete lack of emotion, even after big victories, was one of the main disappointments of his fans. Murray's greatness is not measured by the number of matches in which he drove fans to ecstasy. But that's the point.

Photo: Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

Andy was born in a tennis family: his mother was a coach, his father was a sports manager. The boy picked up a racket at the age of three. He looked at his older brother Jamie, who successfully mastered the basics of the game, and dragged after him.

Jamie grew up far from being a mediocre athlete: he was the first racket of the world in doubles, won six Grand Slam series draws (two in a pair and four in doubles), won in 23 tournaments of the Association of Tennis Professionals (APR). Despite all the achievements, Murray Sr. did not receive fame and due attention of fans. Can not be said about his brother.

Andy won the first major victory in 2006, spending the second season in the ATP tour. The triumph fell on the competition in San Jose, where in the semifinals he defeated the third racket of the world – American Andy Roddick, and in the final beat the two-time champion of "Helmet" in the singles Australian Lleyton Hewitt. Murray then barely turned 19.

In the same season, another significant event for the British took place – in the two-set quarter-final match in Cincinnati, he was stronger than the (already almost invincible) Swiss Roger Federer. Roger at that time occupied the first line of the world ranking, and the Briton was not even in the top twenty. It became a sensation. Six years later, the Swiss will lose to Murray the Olympic final, but then they will already be perceived as equals.

The first injury caught Murray in 2007, when he was just getting into the sowing of status competitions. The damage prevented him from performing at once on two major majors – the French Open and Wimbledon. It was possible to return quickly, and already at the beginning of the next season, the Briton won the first title in his career at the Masters Series tournaments, beating Serb in his beloved Cincinnati not Novak Djokovic. A little later, at the 2008 US Open, Murray defeated Spaniard Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals.

Thus, by the age of 21, Andy took the upper hand over every player of the Big Three (Federer, Djokovic and Nadal – approx. ""). Then the notion of the Big Four appeared in tennis.

The Briton forced the majority of his professional tour, winning several ATP tournaments for the season, but he had not been lucky at the majors for a long time. Two years in a row – in 2010 and 2011 – he went to the Australian Open final, but could not win.

The losing streak was interrupted in 2012, when the tennis player made a real breakthrough. Murray reached the final at Wimbledon, where he lost to Federer, and a month later he won the gold at the home Olympics — he took the revenge from the Swiss. Andy did not stop at this and in September 2012 he won his first career victory in the Grand Slam series tournament – the US Open. It was an unprecedented success. Not only for the tennis player himself, but for the whole of Great Britain. In the Open Era (the era of professional tennis, which began in the 1960s, – approx. "") Not a single Briton to Murray won in the major final.

The next season, Andy continued to make history. In the Wimbledon 2013 final, he outplayed Djokovic’s world ranking leader and became the first UK native since 1936 to hold this title. Then he had to take another pause to cure his back. The fact that the spine is all serious, the public did not immediately know. And Murray did everything to avoid high-profile discussions.

In 2015, he again became the first – the first Briton to win the title on the ground since 1976. Then in Munich, he laid on the shoulder of the German Philip Kolschreiber. A week after this victory, Andy won another one in Madrid – for the first time in his career in the Masters final he beat the “king of the soil” Nadal. In the end of the season, Murray still helped the UK team. For the first time since 1936, the British won the Davis Cup, surpassing the Belgian team in the final.

The culmination of his career was 2016. In June, Andy became the first British since 1937 to reach the final of Roland Garros. In July, Wimbledon won for the second time in his career. And in August, he became the first tennis player in the history of world sports who won the Olympics twice. Following Murray took trophies in Beijing, Shanghai, Vienna and Paris. And then also at the Final tournament in London. This allowed him to finish the season in the status of the leader of the world ranking.

For all his merits he was granted a knight’s title. Sir Andy Murray – sounds good.

Health problems were always with Murray, just before he managed to somehow get along with them. Back in 2012, he had the first surgery on his back – they put a supporting needle. Since then, the athlete almost without interruption played on painkillers. Years later, Andy admitted that he learned to walk again. And reach for your feet to put on your socks.

In 2017, he broke a second time and could not return to the top. Now let down the hip joint, which in the conditions of the professional tour was impossible to cure. At Wimbledon 2017, Andy, the reigning champion, lost in the quarter finals.

Murray went through more than a year of recovery and procedures, but to no avail. In 2018, he took part only in several minor tournaments and in the US Open, without breaking through to the decisive stage. The last appearance on the court for Andy was the quarter-final match in Shenzhen against the Spaniard Fernando Verdasco in September last year. Then the tennis player disappeared from all radars.

He announced on January 11, 2019, having gathered a special press conference. “I do not feel very well. I have been in pain for 18 months now. I did everything I could. There is too much pain, ”Andy said, and covered his face with his hands, hiding sobs. The upcoming Australian Open will be the last in a career for a tennis player, and Murray is unlikely to reach Wimbledon.

The tennis world vividly responded to the statement of the British. And first of all, his main rivals. “It was a bounce. I want a man to leave tennis happy. He won Wimbledon, the Olympics, was the first in the world. Can we assume that he was not lucky to play with me, Rafa and Novak? I dont know. I have always said that it is possible to carry out excellent careers together, ”said Federer. Indeed, it is possible, but only if you are Andy Murray – the only tennis player whom the elite took for her.

Leaving Murray from sport is a big loss for a world tour. Even despite the fact that he had long been lost somewhere in the third hundred of the ATP rating. He was criticized for the defensive style of the game, for the lack of special technology and proprietary "chips" … He proved that in tennis the main thing is completely different, and surpassed the best. Andy is indecently modest and never demanded attention. He does not know how to celebrate victories, but he knows how to win.


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