This brush is Blake Lively’s hair secret

Blake Lively’s gorgeous hair has become iconic over the years. Not necessarily for its color, but rather for its length, its shine and also its always impeccable appearance. What if we told you that the actress’ secret to such incredible hair was a brush?

Blake Lively’s hair secret is a brush

Long Blond hair with golden reflections, often placed on the left side, with a combed-disheveled effect, it is a bit the trademark of Blake Lively. In an interview for ELLE, the actress kindly revealed her secret to maintaining her hair. Blake Lively’s goal is for her hair to look natural, “like it took no effort.” For this, she uses the Mason Pearson hairbrush, which gives texture and volume. And we have good news: this brush is available on Amazon.

It is the brush of the stars. Used by the greatest studio hairdressers, the brosse Mason Pearson is an English craftsmanship. Available on Amazon for 99.94 euros, Blake Lively’s hair secret is made with a handmade rubber cushion, and boar’s bristle bristles. These are particularly known to last over time: it is therefore possible to keep the brush of the English brand for a lifetime. In addition, boar’s bristle is made of keratin – therefore 100% natural -, and allows a distribution of sebum all over the hair. It also neutralizes static electricity.

Blake Lively’s other hair tips

Blake Lively also revealed the secret to her golden blonde: the talents of her colorist Rona O’Connor. According to her answer in ELLE, she makes an appointment every six to eight weeks, when she feels “up to spending three and a half hours in a hair salon”. But we also remember this photo posted on Blake Lively’s Instagram account in February 2021, at the time of strict health restrictions, when Ryan Reynolds bleached her hair. An adorable moment that amused the web a lot.

For his wavy hair, Blake Lively uses sea water. It was in an interview for that she revealed that she always has a full bottle. After applying seawater, she pre-drys her hair, sets with a touch of mousse and, finally, she makes a bun until everything dries properly. As for shine, Blake Lively has set her sights on coconut oil, on the advice of her mom.