This club that Zidane is desperately waiting for

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Zinedine Zidane is waiting for a firm offer from the institution to return to the bench.

It is not this year that Zinédine Zidane will take over the reins of the France team. Nor next year. Didier Deschamps having extended his contract with the FFF, the tricolor icon must postpone his blue dream until later. But, rather than sit idly by, the former playmaker is ready to return to his trade somewhere else.

“Zidane has only one club in his heart”

But where could ZZ bounce? Lately, he has declined several national selections. To believe that he reserves himself for a particular destination. A destination that believes his former teammate in the selection, Lionel Charbonnier, will become.

“When you know Zizou, and I talked about it with him, you just know that he’s not going to train anyone. For passion, he is driven by great passion. He texted me “Lionel, I really want to coach”. And he also told me that in addition to passion, there has to be something with the club. The first club for him, in his heart, is Juventus,” the former goalkeeper said on RMC.

Juventus is not going through the best period in its history, with in particular a heavy sanction from the Italian league. Charbonnier assures that this will not discourage Zidane, quite the contrary. “In this state? Yes, of course. Because he has everything to gain by taking it over and building it. And he took over Real in a worse state. He knows the club’s DNA.

And is an engagement with Paris still possible? Charbonnier assures us that yes: “If it’s not Juve, it could be PSG. And it bothers me that people say he can’t train somewhere else where he was born. Taking a French club to conquer the Champions League, even if it’s PSG, Zizou loves it.

Finally, the former Auxerrois ruled out an option for Zidane. That of the English championship: “The Premier League will not happen, even if only idiots change their minds. He has no feeling, no hooked atoms. If that doesn’t tell him, he has the right to choose.

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