This Covid-19 patient suffers from 4-hour erection, due to Corona virus?

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A French Covid-19 patient suffered an erection for four hours due to a blood clot thought to be triggered by the 2019 corona virus. According to his doctor, the 62-year-old man suffered a dysfunction known as priapism – prolonged erections – while in the intensive care unit at Le Chesnay Hospital.

Initially the doctors applied an ice pack, but after four hours it was still not resolved. “So the doctor decided to drain blood from his penis using a needle and found that it was filled with blood clots,” the report quoted from Fox News website said Thursday, July 2, 2020.

The case report was published in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, and described that blood clots are common among corona virus patients. However, the case is the first known priapism, and is caused by blood trapped in the penis.

“Clinical and laboratory presentations in our patients strongly suspect priapism associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection,” the doctors wrote.

However, the report explained that further research was still needed in relation to the strange case of blood clots and the corona virus. “Although the arguments in favor of the causal relationship between Covid-19 and priapism are very strong in our case, subsequent case reports will strengthen the evidence,” the report said.

Previous research shows, in the human body, the virus that causes Covid-19 not only empties into the lungs, but can be found in other organs ranging from the nerves of the brain to the digestive tract. The symptoms are no longer just shortness of breath.

Based on the distribution map made by Johns Hopkins University, until Friday morning, July 3, 2020, the total number of Covid-19 infections in the world was reported to be 10,940,017 cases. The most in the United States with 2,732,639 cases, followed by Brazil in second place with 1,496,858 cases, and Russia 660,231 cases.




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