This cyclist must show constant attention to cars

Zapping Autonews The car concepts of the year 2022 in video

The author of this video did not find himself very long behind this bike and yet he almost caught two accidents! Yes, while the cyclist was strolling on the axis reserved for her, she twice escaped collisions with inattentive motorists.

And for good reason, when turning and changing lanes, the cars in question were forced to encroach on the cycle path. So far nothing exceptional, but when doing so, a glance in the rear view mirror is essential!

Yes but now, these drivers obviously did not think about it and they almost took this cyclist on their hood. It was a few centimeters both times, but luckily there were no accidents to report.

Sharing the road is a concept

For these motorists, sharing the road is a concept that is still obviously far away. Indeed, for them, the cycle path did not even exist and this was seen in their way of driving which almost cost a cyclist dearly on a ride.