This delivery man who left a caring message for young parents is showered with gifts by strangers

It is a particularly touching story that began in a small town located in the state of Georgia, in the United States. A young man who had landed a delivery job during the holiday season, in December 2021, was attracted by decorations left in the garden of a private individual. On the front lawn of a house was a huge sign of a stork announcing the arrival of a baby boy.

Dallen Harrell, taken aback by this decoration, wanted to leave a message to the inhabitants of this house. On the front doorbell which has a camera, the man leaned over and said: “If it’s the ‘It’s a boy’ house... I hope all is well with your newborn,” he said on camera. Before continuing: “I had a child around the same time as you, and I just hope everything is going well. God bless you and happy holidays.”

Jessica Kitchel, who was on maternity leave at home after giving birth to her son Chancy via caesarean section on November 14, received an alert on her phone about a new video and was immediately distraught watching the clip from 26 seconds.

She then shared this clip on Instagram by tagging the company for which the young man worked.“I was so blown away by the fact… that he took the time to stop and do it, and more so that he was so observant that he remembered it was home” C is a boy “with the stork”, the 36-year-old told the young woman to the Washington Post newspaper.

This video went viral, and hundreds of people started sending gifts to this kind delivery man and his baby.

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