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This Dutch artist turns himself and other people into cute cartoon illustrations (30 photos & # 39; s)

Laura Brouwers, also known as Cyarine, is a digital artist and illustrator from the Netherlands who is popular on Instagram with her 1.5 million followers because of her crazy art skills. Among a huge collection of artworks you will find her cute illustrations in which she transforms herself and, occasionally, other people into cute cartoon illustrations.

Cyarine is a master of art when it comes to digital illustration. She has successfully transferred her skills from traditional media inks and watercolors to digital artworks. The result is a really elegant style that combines vibrant colors and cute illustrations.

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Cyarine is also an active member of the art community who shares her tips and expertise on a YouTube channel and provides useful advice on common artist issues, as well as technical tutorials that help her subscribers improve their own art. Here, take a look at one of Cyarine's videos & # 39; s, where she makes a drawing of one of her outfits, and scroll down to see more!

Have you ever seen a cartoon movie and wondered what would you look like if you were a cartoon character? If not, well, maybe you can now imagine an illustration of yourself drawn in a well-known style, for example Disney & # 39; s or maybe Tim Burton & # 39; s? Of course, people with hard-earned drawing skills have it easier because they instruct their hands to do the magic and let their imagination take over.


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