Berlin – Actually, model Sophia Thomalla (28) was due on March 28th. What is meant is the deadline on which the Berlin woman wanted to miss at the latest after her lost bet a tattoo of Schlager Queen Helene Fischer (33, breathless “).

So Sophia Thomalla (28) answered the questions on Instagram. Right: A montage with our proposal for the Helene tattoo. For a one-hour question and answer session Instagram Three and a half months later, a fan drilled on Friday night: “When do you engrave the Helene Fischer Tattoo?” Background: how TAG24 reported , the 28-year-old had cheekily announced on Instagram on January 29, to get a tattoo of the singer with 200,000 Likes for posting – at 500,000 even including Helene lover Florian Silbereisen (36). On February 1st, Sophia posted possibly gritted and surprised by the response: “Betting debts are debt of honor and I’m looking forward to it! (…) Big thanks to all Fischer fans who have supported me on the way to my biggest dream. I am god damn ready. #metattoo ” After the deadline had passed, however, nothing happened on Sophia’s skin. And that had health reasons: Due to taking blood-thinning drugs, she could not put herself under the needle ( TAG24 reported ). But now she seems to do nails with heads, as her answer to the question about the appointment announces: “This year, if my tattoo artists have time for it, anyone who knows a bit knows that the best tattoo artists are booked out, for months, and it’s based on trust, I do not fancy some woods and meadows Stecher, who then favors himself Each RTL camera provides and tells how much I have suffered, so proposals are not necessary. ” Because Sophia already knows exactly who she is letting her immaculate body: Star tattoo artist Randy Engelhard (39) in his studio “Heaven of Colors” in Zwickau – known from the sixx show “Horror Tattoos – Germany, we save your skin.” At which point of her body she lets immortalize Helene, however, model Sophia still has not revealed. We will certainly hear it.


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