This figure of Ciri from The Witcher for PLN 200 will give you peace of mind

More than seven years have passed since the premiere of the hit production of CD Projekt RED studio, but the developer continues to treat us with new products inspired by the cult game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

In the official store of the Polish developer, there is an opportunity to buy a peculiar concrete figurine meditating Ciri, which can be an interesting supplement to the collection of every fan of the brand. The manufacturer valued his creation at PLN 200. This is not a large amount in relation to the quality of workmanship that characterizes the studio’s gadgets. An additional incentive for potential buyers is the fact that purchasing Ciri in a package with a candlestick results in a 10% discount on both products.

Below we present some photos of this figurine.

The inhabitants of the continent believe that the statue of Meditating Ciri will provide them with peace of mind, allow them to get rid of mental tension and develop resistance to stress. It can be found both in the wealthy financiers of Novigrad and in modest houses scattered all over Velen. For anxiety does not choose and does not care who has how much in his wallet.

Clear your mind and go into a state of total stillness. Get lost somewhere between time and space, away from everyday worries and challenges. Take control of your senses and take a trip into the unknown with the Lion Cub of Cintra.

I don’t know about you, but I felt soothing.

If you are also interested in the calming power flowing from the meditating Ciri, you must hurry with the purchase, because the offer is valid while stocks last.

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