“This has been going on for a year, please stop it!” (Photo)

“Stop it, please!” »For a year, in Zepperen (near Sint-Truiden), Ward Vanhove and Barbara Severeyns have been living a strange situation in front of the Spar store of which they are the managers. It was one morning, arriving to start their day. “We saw a bag of empty coffee pods outside the door. It was very weird, ”they explain to Belang van Limburg.

And since then, the situation has happened every month. So it’s true, until 2019, Ward and Barbara’s Spar also served as a collection point for this kind of empty pods. “But we haven’t been doing it for two years. We still sell the pods but the collection points are now the Nespresso boutiques or via UPS. “

Nothing explains therefore these empty pods which are deposited every month, during the night, in front of their establishment. “It’s a mystery and it has been going on for over a year now. It’s very annoying because, on top of that, we have to throw them in our trash when they could be recycled, ”they say.

Still, Ward and Barbara have surveillance camera footage showing this man performing the same ritual every month. “We have now placed a call on our Facebook page asking them to stop doing this. Maybe he’s not a bad guy at all? Maybe it’s someone coming back from their night shift? The only problem is that these empty packages cause a puddle of coffee every time in our parking lot. It’s not nice either, ”they conclude.



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