This is Alice Naylor-Leyland, the daughter of a single mother who has become a millionaire, queen of Instagram and rubs shoulders with Marie-Chantal Miller at the wedding of Felipe de Grecia and Nina Flohr

The two ladies of honor at the wedding of Philip of Greece and Nina Flohr,
Gene Honor y NancyThey have two equally blonde, equally stylish, and equally millionaire mothers, Sabine Getty and
Alice Naylor-Leyland. Both share style, affinity and the fortune of having related to two of the richest families on the planet. While other essentials of the wedding of the year, such as Marie-Chantal Miller, had their own fortune before becoming princesses of high society, the story of
Alice Naylor-Leyland It could be considered a tale worthy of Disney or of the 100% pastelos images that Mrs. Alice posts on her Instagram account.


Felipe of Greece and Nina Flohr: the royal wedding of the year.

Alice Naylor-Leyland was born in Switzerland with the misfortune that his father,
Paul Dawson, and his mother,
Serena Fresson They divorced two months after she was born, so Alice herself defines herself as the daughter of an Australian single mother who fondly remembers the time she spent with her grandparents in Spain. But his childhood is far from being the Cinderella story, in it we can also find visits to Switzerland in summer to see his father, an English boarding school in Aston, history studies in Edinburgh and in an enduring school of design and friendship and teenager with some of the loudest names on jet, like
Poppy Delevigne.

Alice Naylor-Layland with her mother, Serena. /


But the real stroke of luck in her existence was not being a model or starting to collaborate in the American edition of Vogue touring world fashion weeks, but that at 17 she met Tom, at 21 she began to formally date him. the 24 will pass through the altar, because Tom turned out to be the heir of
Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland, at the time a British landlord who has a fortune of almost 200 million euros.

Without a doubt with this marriage
Mrs. AliceAs her Instagram fans know her, she changed her career from a collaborator in fashion and lifestyle headlines to a much more lucid one of “social swan”, a category in which Tatler magazine included her in 2018.

Alice Naylor-Leyland’s suitcase to go to the Bahamas /


Today Mrs. Alice is one of the essential socialites of London society, and her
country parties in the family home in Cambridgeshire, where there is no shortage of alpacas and no dyeing of the sheep to match their dress, they are legendary. As legendary as his Instsagram entries in which he posts images of everything he carries in his suitcase every time he goes on a trip.

But the best part of her story is not the one in which she boasts of a Marie Kondo-style wardrobe, but after giving birth to her third child, she decided to reinvent herself as a businesswoman and turn her hobby of feeding her Instagram account with
images of tables just set in a business.


Marie-Chantal Miller: how she went from being a millionaire to becoming a princess of Greece

Alice Naylor-Leyland He owns his own crockery and board game firm with a website included and his initiative seems to be going from strength to strength. And of course, in addition to a luxurious wardrobe, a rich husband, three very blond children and a business of her own, Alice is the owner of a
circle of friends that has made her able to attend, as one of the protagonists, the first royal wedding that has been celebrated in Athens in the last 50 years.