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Several thousand people demonstrated on Saturday against the factory Renault of Maubeuge, in the north of France, against the decision of the builder automotive French suppress to 15,000 jobs in the world, 4.600 of them in the country.

The protesters, some 8,000 according to the unions, gathered this Saturday morning at the factory MCA (Maubeuge Construction Automobile), a subsidiary of Renault, to express their disagreement on the plan.

“We were told that this was the best factory of Europe, we had nothing to fear, and now we are told that we are going to close ( … ), ” lamented Jean-Marc Pelleriaux, 61, a member of the CGT union.

The site, which employs 2,100 people, is stopped since Friday, and its production electric vehicles, Kangoo be transferred possibly to Douai, about 70 km from there.

“This is an earthquake. We want to keep our company here. This manifestation is very important to show the government and Renault (…) that we need these jobs, but it is a whole territory which he is going to die”said Jérôme Delvaux, a trade unionist.

Several local officials, with the band tricolor of the French flag, also participated in the demonstration, which came out of the factory to the municipality, in the center, the center of the city.

On Tuesday, about 250 people, including representatives, local politicians, trade unionists and workers of the factory of Maubeuge, had already been mobilized.

Renault, with serious financial difficulties and weakened by the crisis of the coronavirus on Friday announced the removal of those of 15,000 jobs in the world.

The measure is part of a plan of cuts of 2,000 million euros (about 2,200 million u.s. dollars) in three years.



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