This is DSI’s response after Mr. Genius handed over all the evidence of the Tangmo Nida case

GORONTALO TERRACE – Mr. Genius has submitted all evidence of Tangmo Nida’s death case to DSI for consideration to be accepted as a special case.

After submitting all the evidence to DSI, Mr. Genius again emphasized that the case of Tangmo Nida’s death was a murder that was deliberately covered up.

Mr. Genius believes that one of the evidences in the case of Tangmo Nida’s death that he has shows that there were two speedboats on the night of the accident.

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Mr. Genius himself came to the Special Investigation Department (DSI) on May 18, 2022 at 10:20 am with evidence of the case of Tangmo Nida’s death. Excerpted from Teras Gorontalo from The Reporters website which aired on May 18, 2022.

Mr Genius said today he came to testify to DSI officials as scheduled. In addition to carrying 20 sets of evidence which is forensic evidence, including the wound on the inside of Tangmo Nida’s right thigh, it was caused by a sharp object.

The police have determined that the wound on Tangmo Nida’s right thigh was a scratch from the ship’s propeller.

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But Mr Genius insisted that it was clear the wound was not from the ship’s propeller and that it was a homicide.

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