‘This is his home’: Will Lionel Messi be back for Barcelona anytime soon?

“This is his home”
Will Lionel Messi play for FC Barcelona again soon?

Lionel Messi is still under contract at Paris Saint-Germain until the end of this season. What happens to the 2022 world champion then? Does he stay in Europe, does he go to the desert to Cristiano Ronaldo or to the USA to David Beckham? His old club FC Barcelona is now also involved and advertises offensively.

At FC Barcelona, ​​coach Xavi would welcome his old teammate and world champion Lionel Messi with open arms. “The best player in the world and in history would always fit in. This is his home and the doors are always open for him,” said Xavi, referring to speculation about the six-time world player’s potential return to the Catalans.

Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires at the end of the season. Jorge Messi, the father and manager of the superstar, is said to have recently met with Barça President Joan Laporta, as reported by the radio station Catalunya Ràdio and other Spanish media. Among other things, the future of the Argentine was discussed, it said.

Messi currently has four options

According to media reports, in addition to Barcelona, ​​Inter Miami and the top Saudi club Al-Hilal are also interested in signing the 35-year-old. In Saudi Arabia, Messi could collect an annual salary of 350 million US dollars, several media recently reported. That would be the equivalent of more than 320 million euros. FC Barcelona could not compete with this because of the salary caps in force in Spain.

The US sports broadcaster ESPN, which is usually well informed, reported that Paris Saint-Germain also continue to hope for a future together with the world champion. French media are also speculating about the Argentine’s whereabouts in Europe. If this were the case, according to current knowledge, it would result in a race between Barcelona and PSG. A glimmer of hope for the Catalans. The French newspaper “L’Equipe” recently reported that a contract extension at PSG, which has also been endowed with many, many billions in oil, currently seems unlikely. Due to the applicable financial fair play rules, the offer for a one-year contract should include less salary.

Messi was a friend, Xavi also emphasized, who had experienced the most successful time in the club’s history with four Champions League victories together with the offensive star. You are in constant contact. “But a lot depends on him what he wants to do in the future,” added the former midfield strategist.